Copywriter and more!

I'm a copywriter. But that tells so little of the story. So I asked the people who know me best how they'd describe me.


Hi! I'm Andrew. As you saw above, I have a lot of friends who enjoy making fun of me. Here are a few other things about me: When I was in ad school I lived with my grandmother in a 60+ community, where the other elderly ladies nicknamed me "Chippendale." I still don't really know how to feel about it. I met Todd Gurley in a bar once. I told him I thought I could probably tackle him. He just smiled and said, "Maybe." He's a very nice person.  I have two brothers, both of whom are getting PhDs. And I never use overly formal words like 'whom' in my writing. Almost never.

But if you're thinking about hiring me, the most important thing you need to know is that I love this shit. I love writing, I love concepting, I love drawing, creativity, playing music, writing songs, working on my rap flow, and coming up with new ways to grab people's attention. And I'm always looking for ways to get better and make more stuff - at work, outside of work, everywhere.  I also love dogs. I'm always on the lookout for good dogs. They really are the best.

But enough about me, what about you? Where are you from? Do you have any tattoos? What's the coolest concert you've ever seen? Email me with answers to these questions, or just whatever, at 


Here's a picture of me playing golf with my pants around my ankles.