The Antoine Dubinski Theory

This is an in-progress musical album. It's called The Antoine Dubinski Theory. Here's why:

In college my friends and I would sometimes make up ridiculous fake names for each other before going out. One of my nicknames was Antoine Dubinski. It's a stupid name, but it stuck. So many times during the course of our shenanigans that year that’s how I introduced myself to people, and eventually built a bit of a reputation around campus as a person completely different from myself, just by pretending. This lead me to The Antoine Dubinski Theory; the theory that if you pretend to be something convincingly, you become that thing. The older I get, the more I realize that’s basically what everyone is doing in their lives, faking it 'til they make it. So that's is the umbrella album title for all my musical projects. It’s yet another thing I’m pretending, in the hopes enough people will believe it to make it reality.


About fighting imperfect timing and your own demons, the frustration of life not going the way you want it to go, and of not being the person you want to be. lyrics

Recorded live.