Pinky Malinky is an upcoming Nickelodeon show about a regular kid who happens to be a social media star and a hot dog.  

In this pitch for the Pinky Malinky social media accounts, the challenge was to create a campaign that would make Pinky a social celebrity here in the real world. Here are a few of the things we did to win it.


Pinky is a positive, upbeat kid living in the town of Sackenhack. He loves his family, friends,  and spreading a positive, upbeat message to his classmates and and fellow Sackenhackenites. He's also a hotdog, but no one ever really says anything about it... 

Some x-treme Pitch leave-behinds.

CD: Dustin Johnson
CW: Ryan Houts, Andrew Singleton
AD: Jennifer McMahon, Jen Gilliland