This is a scrapbook of student and professional pieces that don't deserve their own page, but do deserve several seconds of attention.


Rock the Vote

The message in these banners circles back on itself again and again to demonstrate the vicious cycle of apathy infecting our election cycles.


Hot Hands

These are demo spots we made for Hot Hands. The client didn't buy them, but my CD thought they were funny. And yes, that's my awful David Attenborough impersonation in the VO.


PBS Newshour

This terribly under-produced student campaign still makes me laugh. And think. sponsors the International Champions Cup soccer tournament. They asked us to tie the world's #1 job site to the world's #1 soccer players. These videos ran in stadiums in Australia, Europe, and America during the tournament. Lionel Messi saw it! Maybe. If he was paying attention.


Coke Life

Coca-Cola wanted just one cool line they could run during college basketball games to tease the release of Coke Life. I gave them dozens. They still just bought one though.